In our last article, I "list"ed Chris Jericho as an example of someone who was able to adapt to the changes brought about by the WWE going PG. To longtime fans of the "Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla", this should come as no surprise—throughout his entire, twenty-seven year career, Jericho has shown an ability to thrive in a wide variety of situations, and along the way has been involved in some of the greatest matches and moments in professional wrestling history. And, given this, it's time to start including Y2J in the discussion of greatest of all time (or as the cool kids would say, GOAT).

Jericho has consistently brought the goods inside the squared circle. Long before the tournament of the same name, Jericho had an absolute Cruiserweight Classic with Dean Malenko at WCW's Uncensored '98. In May of 2001, he and...another Canadian named "Chris"... battled Steve Austin and Triple H in one of the greatest matches in RAW history. And at No Mercy 2008, Jericho and Shawn Michaels had a ladder match for the ages.  As impressive as the quality of these bouts is the range of time they cover—10 years.

Remarkably, though well into his 40's, Jericho continues to bring the in-ring goods. In 2016, he battled AJ Styles in a great series of matches. And at Payback earlier this year, his US Title contest against Kevin Owens was a show-stealer.

The argument for including Jericho among the top superstars of all time doesn’t end with his in-ring work. Jericho has been involved in just as many classic segments as he has matches, going back to his time at World Championship Wrestling. In one legendary segment, Jericho, feeling that a company-wide conspiracy caused him to lose the Cruiserweight title, takes his case all the way to Washington D.C. He tries to lay out his case to the powerful residents of the capital ("I'm America's role model and I'm here to see the president."), and even heads to the Library of Congress, where he digs up a copy of the 1939 National Wresting Alliance rulebook.

Jericho continued to show his entertainment chops when he moved to WWE. We've already discussed *the* list, but *our* list includes, among many others: "I'm from Winnipeg you idiot!", "The Gift of Jericho" (drink it in...mannn), a wardrobe including hundreds of scarves and a light-up jacket, and the butchering of almost every backstage announcer's name.

As he states in one of his many catchphrases, Y2J is the best in the world at what he does. It's time to start considering his face for the Pro Wrestling Mount Rushmore. Only a...stupid idiot...would argue against Jericho being called one of the greatest of all time.