During his most recent run in WWE, Chris Jericho had one of the most over gimmicks and one of the most over catchphrases in the company. The gimmick was "The List of Jericho", and the catchphrase was, "you stupid idiot!" Both whipped the live crowds into a frenzy. Both spawned merchandise. And both fit within the guidelines for PG-rated television programming.

It's very common to see pro wrestling fans lamenting the loss of the TV-14 rating. Through rose (or blood) colored glasses, fans tend to look back fondly on the Attitude Era, and are quick to contend that it was vastly superior to today's product. "It was so much better when they could swear!" is like a rallying cry to this contingent.

But was it better because of crude language, or the passion of the wrestlers spouting it? I would argue it was the latter. I feel that if you had a time machine (and likely its forthcoming from Amazon as a method of delivering packages), and could transport today's roster to the beloved Attitude Era, they would still struggle with crowd connection, despite having middle-fingers, beer-drinking, and four-letter words in their arsenal. The problem isn't a swearing prohibition--it's a passion deficit.

Content is undoubtedly important when crafting a good promo, but if the performer cares enough, they can convey their message without "a-hole" and "son of a b". Chris Jericho acted like someone making the list was a crime akin to armed robbery, and screamed, "stupid idiot!" with the fervor of a battle cry. No swear words? No problem.