A Bobby Roode push. It’s no secret that we are big fans of the “Glorious One”. To us, he is the prototype of a complete professional wrestler. He has a great look, is strong on the mic, is technically sound in the ring, dresses the part, and as a bonus, happens to have the best entrance in the WWE. Roode was on fire in NXT, but upon being called up to Smackdown, has not been booked as strongly. His first program was a very uninspiring feud with Dolph Ziggler, and from there, he was eliminated early and unceremoniously from the Survivor Series main event. It’s time to let this veteran have the crowning moment in WWE he deserves, and so we hope Santa can deliver on a push for Bobby Roode.

A Braun Strowman Record. It has been long-rumoured that Roman Reigns is heading to Wrestlemania to face Brock for the title, and maybe that means he wins the Royal Rumble for the second time. Even if this does happen, we feel Braun Strowman is the perfect fit, and a deserving choice, to break the Royal Rumble record. The aforementioned Shield member holds the current record, attained when he tossed out 12 superstars in the 2014 edition of the event. Braun breaking the Rumble record would completely befit the dominant streak he has been on over the last few months. Even better, in our minds, would be for him to reach the 20-elimination mark—a monster among records.

More Gallows and Anderson. This is something we touched on in a previous podcast. These guys were handed next-to-nothing (a WWE Shop ad spot), and turned it into comedy gold. They’re clearly very talented, and this talent is being criminally underutilized. Oh, and top of their mic skills and comedic timing, they just happen to be tremendous wrestlers, and they just happen to be former members of a certain club with other wrestlers currently in WWE. So, come on Santa, give us more Gallows and Anderson…you NERD!

A Randy Orton Head Shaving Prohibition. This one is obvious: Randy Orton + Hair = MONEY!